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Three Reasons for Insulating Your Crawl Space

The one time your crawl space is really on your mind is in the winter. The floors are cold, the heating bill is high, and if the bugs haven’t died yet they seem to be converging on your home. Unfortunately, most people forget about (or try not to think about) the crawl space beneath their home unless they have to. However, this can lead to bigger problems like poor air quality, cold floors above the crawl space, and higher energy bills. These reasons are why it’s important to think about insulating your crawl space.

Air Quality

An open window leading out to a garden. Crawl spaces, so often forgotten and disregarded, can become a major problem in your home when ignored. They are cool, and many times unfinished, and this can lead to moisture and insect or rodent problems. Moisture in the crawl space, as in a cool basement, is fairly likely because of the contrast of the heat outside compared to the space inside. This condensation can build up on the walls and floor and cause mildew, mold, or rot. These type of conditions also attract insects and rodents that thrive in these places.

Mold, rot, and mildew can cause obvious air quality problems throughout your home from crawl space vents. Additionally, the smells and problems from rodents can cause a definite change in air quality in your home. Lastly, moisture may ultimately cause the floors above your crawl space to sag, and this could cost time and money to fix.

Cold Floors

Person on couch with feet up in reindeer socks. The crawl space is similar to a basement in terms of its purpose and its temperature variance to the rest of the home. However, basements are oftentimes insulated and do not cause the same problems as the neglected crawl space of your childhood nightmares.

As previously mentioned, the crawl space tends to be colder than the rest of the house. This in turn causes cool air to go into the home from ventilation and through the floor (if uninsulated). This is obviously uncomfortable for the people in the home, and it can cause other issues.


Cold crawl spaces, and crawl spaces in general, can cause higher energy bills. This means more money for you to spend. The heat will be working harder to try to heat up the cold, unfinished, uninsulated crawl space, and you will then end up paying more money for a space that you don’t even use. When the space is insulated, the heating will not have to work as hard to heat up the cold area, and your energy bills should go down. That way, you’re saving energy and your wallet.

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How To Fix Moisture Problems in Your Crawl Space

One of the biggest issues that we see in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads is wet and damp crawl spaces. Many times, homeowners do not even realize that they have crawl space moisture issues in need of repair. Some common household problems that you might regard as normal are actually indicators that your crawl space is in need of repair. Have you experienced any of the issues below?

Signs That You Need Crawl Space Repair

  • Cold floors and cold feet
  • Stinky, wet smells
  • Hardwood floors cupping at the edges
  • Moldy, musty smells
  • Drafty rooms
  • Mold around baseboards
  • Wet carpet

If you have a crawl space foundation, it is important to realize that your crawl space is a very important part of your home that must be properly maintained. Since your crawl space is part of your home’s structural integrity, it is vital that you keep it healthy and strong. Crawl spaces are susceptible to moisture and mold, which can cause serious illnesses to affect your family. If you have noticed any strange smells, excess moisture, or are experiencing draftiness in your home, you will want to get your crawl space inspected as soon as possible. Chances are, you might be in need of crawl space repair, encapsulation, and/or insulation.

Detecting Moisture Levels in Your Crawl Space

If there is no obvious leaking or water pooling in your crawl space, you may still have high humidity levels which can be dangerous to your home. Atlas Master Companies uses a moisture meter to find the humidity levels in your crawl space. According to the EPA, a healthy crawl space humidity level is around 40-50RH. We can determine how much moisture is in your crawl space and make a plan of action to get rid of it if necessary.

Solutions for Crawl Space Problems

Atlas Master Companies has been repairing wet and damp crawl spaces for over 30 years in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area. It’s safe to say that we have seen it all: from structural damage, to musty dirt crawl spaces, to high humidification situations, and beyond. Whatever crawl space issue you are facing, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the perfect solution. Our goal is not only to properly repair your crawl space, but make it so that future moisture problems will not affect your home. We are your experts when it comes to creating clean, safe, and dry crawl spaces for Virginia homes.

We have developed a series of proven solutions for wet and damaged crawl spaces. We will implement whatever repairs necessary depending on your current situation. Our repair solutions include:

  1. Crawl Space Encapsulation

crawl space encapsulationCrawl space encapsulation is becoming increasingly popular throughout Virginia and the rest of the country. Some states have even added it to their building code requirements. Water vapor from below your crawl space (or in your crawl space floor, if it is dirt) will naturally rise and become liquid water in your crawl space. The plastic encapsulation barrier prevents this moisture from creeping into your home.

  1. Crawl Space Dehumidification

Crawl space dehumidification goes hand and hand with encapsulation. It is very important to keep your humidity at a safe level after encapsulation is installed.

  1. Crawl Space Insulation

Want to get rid of those cold floors? Crawl space insulation is your answer. We install proper level insulation that prevents draftiness in your home. We can also insulate the back side of your foundation walls around the perimeter of your home with 2” or 4” rigid insulation board. We use Atlas Energy Shield, a top of the line product that has foil facing reflective coating to improve insulation performance.


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