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The SMART VENT Flood Vent System

Why AMC911 Recommends the SMART VENT

Atlas Master Companies recommends SMART VENT flood vents for their customers, especially those located in a floodplain. The SMART VENT is literally smart! The door on the vent is latched until flood waters enter. If the vent senses flood water, it lifts the internal floats. By doing this, the vent unlatches and opens the door. This will allow water and debris to escape. This will equalize the pressure on either side of the wall, effectively protecting your foundation and home.

Flood Vents vs Air Vents

Flood vents are different than an air vent. Air vents can clog with debris and have not been tested in the case of flooding. You don’t want to be stuck with just air vent if you live in a floodplain. You really need SMART VENT to ensure you are protected. The SMART VENT is certified by the Inter-Code Council and is also FEMA and NFIP compliant. In fact, SMART VENT is the only FEMA-Accepted and ICC-ES Certified flood vent available in the marketplace today. Don’t accept any substitute, have only the best flood vents installed in your home or business by the best installers in the area, AMC911.

The Advantages of the SMART VENT

What is the advantage of SMART VENT over other flood vents? You won’t find more advanced protection for your home from flooding anywhere else. Since SMART VENT means fewer holes in your home or business, you can keep your home looking beautiful while you provide the best possible protection from flooding. They can help with flood insurance premiums as well, so if you install SMART VENT, check with your NFIP Flood Insurance Agent. Another great thing about SMART VENT is that they are made in the USA! There are several different models available in a variety of sizes and configurations. We can install in any commercial or residential scenario. We have sizes ranging from 16-in. x 8-in. and 14.5-in. x 8.5-in, both of which are certified to cover 200 square feet per vent. There is a 16-in. x 16-in. to cover 400 square feet per vent, and 32-in. x 16-in. certified to cover 800 square feet per configuration. There are even some custom options available so call us for more information.

SMART VENT is only installed by qualified installers. In Virginia, that means Atlas Master Companies. We are trained and qualified to install SMART VENT flood vents in your residential or commercial property. To learn more about the benefits of SMART VENT and our flood vent services, please don’t hesitate to call Atlas Master Companies today.

Protect Your Virginia Home

Flood vents or foundation and crawl space vents can prevent some pretty ugly things from happening to your crawl space or foundation. Moisture in your crawl space or around your foundation can mean rot, mold, mildew, spores, insects, termites, or even rodents. If you have a crawl space, there is a good chance that the moisture in your home is entering through that crawl space. It can make your house smell musty, and might even be bad to breathe. Flood vents allow fresh air to circulate through your home. It also exhausts that musty air outside and away from your home.

Atlas Master Companies can help you assess your residential or commercial property to see how flood vent solutions can help benefit your home. You can help protect your crawl space and foundation from excessive moisture, heat, and flooding with the high-quality venting products from AMC911. We make sure that our flood and foundation vents meet all local ventilation code requirements. Save yourself from a lot of potential damage, and promote a healthy foundation with flood vents from Atlas Master Companies. We have many options, and flood vents can help with the overall health of your foundation or crawl space. For more information please don’t hesitate to call the flood vent experts in Virginia, Atlas Master Companies.

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Fix Basement Leaks Immediately with Crack Injection Repair

Are you wondering how to fix a leaky basement wall? If you have water leaking into your basement through cracks in your foundation, it’s important to get those cracks sealed up and repaired before the damage gets worse. Water intrusion will only make your foundation cracks larger over time, and can cause major damage to the structure of your home.

How Serious Are Your Foundation Cracks?

An unstable foundation can eventually form cracks that are big enough to allow water to seep through. Some foundation cracks are harmless and just happen over time as your home settles. These are usually small, vertical cracks and can be sealed with an epoxy or other type of injection. However, if you have larger, horizontal cracks in your foundation or basement walls, these indicate serious structural issues and cannot be solved by any type of sealant. These types of cracks need to be addressed by a structural engineer, and a more permanent solution needs to be put in place.

Sealing Basement Cracks with Epoxy & Polyurethane

If your Virginia home is suffering from basement leaks, Atlas Master Companies offers ECP Epoxy and Polyurethane Injection Resins to permanently seal cracks and prevent water from entering your home. These systems are designed to fill cracks in your foundation before they start to widen and expand.

Epoxy injections can be used to mend concrete cracks and restore the structural integrity of the wall or slab. Polyurethane foam injections work great for larger cracks or voids around pipe penetrations.

Benefits of Crack Injection Repair

Epoxy injections restore the integrity of the foundation by sealing cracks as small as .005″. One important feature of the ECP polyurethane resins is the flexibility which allows it to move with the wall as the soil expands and contracts.

Some of the major benefits you will experience from crack injection repair include:

  1. Totally eliminates water and air leaks
  2. Can be applied from the inside
  3. Permanent repair solution
  4. Flexible resin that allows soil to expand and contract
  5. Fills voids around pipes and other penetrations
  6. Restores structural integrity
  7. Meets ASTM C881 standards

Contact AMC911 for your Waterproofing Needs

Our crack injection repairs are durable, commercial grade products that are reliable and economical. It hardens in seconds after the application process to keep the seal intact. For all of your waterproofing needs, contact AMC911 today. We provide free estimates for all of your crack injection repairs in Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Norfolk, and surrounding areas. We’ll keep water from entering your basement. Call us today to get started with your free estimate.


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