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Exterior Waterproofing

Guard your home against water damage by investing in an exterior waterproofing system by AMC. Our systems are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the most well known waterproofing manufacturer in today’s industry. Stopping water from collecting around and underneath your foundation are important factors in waterproofing. AMC offers exterior waterproofing solutions for the residents of Virginia.

So how does water enter your basement? Water is transferred from the exterior of your home to the interior. It takes the path of the least resistance, seeping into cracks and gaps on walls and floors. Water intrusion can also be caused by capillary action. Since concrete acts like a sponge, it absorbs water until it becomes saturated. This produces humidity and high levels of moisture. As a result, homes may experience mold growth, musty odors, and rusty metal appliances.

Exterior Waterproofing Solutions for Virginia Homes

Exterior Waterproofing in VirginiaAMC offers the perfect waterproofing solution to eliminate water damage in your home. Our solution consists of a exterior waterproofing system. The products needed for the installation process consists of:

The waterproofing membrane has physical characteristics, such as elasticity and durability, that makes it a long lasting barrier against water. The dimple board consists of a three dimensional core covered with a geo-textile filter fabric that is attached to the dimple side of the core.

The perforated drain pipe is placed under the foundation to drain water away from the foundation. It has exceptional water volume capacity, crush resistance, and can be applied to residential and commercial projects.

By installing an exterior drainage system, you will get the following benefits:

  • It will guard your home against water entry
  • Protect your home from structural and foundation damage
  • Prevent mold and mildew growth
  • Keeps your basement and crawlspace dry
  • Protects possessions
  • Improves the air quality of your home
  • Increases the value of your home or business

If you wait to get exterior waterproofing, you could face water damage. Save money and time by calling the professionals at AMC today. You won’t have to worry about water damage again. We serve the following cities: Virginia Beach, VA, Chesapeake, VA, Norfolk, VA, Hampton, VA, Williamsburg, VA, Newport News, VA, Hampton Roads, VA, and the surrounding areas. Call us for an estimate.

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