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Spray Foam Insulation Virginia Beach, VA

At AMC911, we offer spray foam insulation to improve your home or business in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our polyurethane spray foam can be applied to attics, exterior/interior walls, basements, ceilings, and more. Because it seals cracks, it reduces energy bills and increases thermal performance.

The average family spends over $1,000 per year on utility bills. Unfortunately, energy is wasted because of inadequate insulation. Check your insulation so you can reduce energy and save money. If any of the points below describe your situation, consider investing in spray foam insulation.

  • High energy bills
  • Home is extremely cold in the winter, hot in the summer
  • Outdated insulation in an older home
  • New additions without insulation
  • Outside noises are loud
  • Draftiness in home
  • Water seepage

AMC911 can insulate your attic, ceiling, floors, windows and much more. If water is entering your home through roof or ceiling cracks, then you may an inadequate waterproofing system. At AMC911, we can install a waterproofing method for your home before applying polyurethane foam insulation. For waterproofing, we use products made by Earth Contact Products (ECP). ECP is the leading manufacturer in waterproofing and underpinning. We’ll make sure your home stays safe and dry for many years to come.

Insulation Solutions for Homes in Virginia Beach, VA

Our spray foam insulation comes in two categories – open cell foam and closed cell foam.
Insulation in Virginia Beach VA
Open Cell Foam

  • Less expensive insulation option
  • Low density, semi-rigid 1/2 pound per cubic foot
  • Fills large areas
  • Traps the air inside of the cell
  • Water is used as the blowing agent
  • R-value around 3.5 per inch

Closed Cell Foam

  • Medium density
  • Hydroflourocarbon is the blowing agent
  • Blowing agent is trapped inside the cells
  • High R-value
  • Resistant to air leak and water vapor
  • Can be applied to roofs

AMC911 uses polyurethane foam because it provides numerous benefits, such as:

  • Moisture resistance
  • Spray applied
  • Seals cracks and gaps
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Efficient in hot and cold temperatures
  • Controls humidity
  • Reduces air flow
  • Prevents air drafts
  • Provides insulation even in confined areas
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Lightweight and rigid
  • Supports structure
  • Prevents insect infestations
  • Resists mildew and mold growth

Make your home comfortable by choosing AMC911 for spray foam insulation in Virginia Beach, VA. We can apply polyurethane foam to all industrial, commercial and residential structures. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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