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Atlas Master Companies Brick Lintel Repairs

Brick lintel replacement is one of our specialties….. Don’t let your brick lintels reach this point before giving Atlas Master Companies a call.

Southside Masonry Patio Pavers Re-grout Project

Southside masonry recently performed a complete re-grouting of a large size patio paver slab. Check out the photos below and the quality of the workmanship.

Full-Scale Mockups in the Atlas Master Companies Showroom

Come see the Atlas Master Companies Hydraulic Push Pier full-scale mockups at our showroom! We are located at 5552 Raby Road, Norfolk, VA. Our structural experts will teach you about the reinforcing principles behind the ECP Hydraulic Push Piers which are used exclusively at Atlas Master Companies for foundation repair. We look forward to seeing […]

Atlas Master Companies Gearing Up For Another Project

Here is an inside look at Team Atlas gearing up for another project. At Atlas Master Companies we keep our warehouse fully stocked and ready to go.

Atlas Master Companies Addresses a Sinking Bathroom Floor Issue at Ft. Eustis

Atlas Master Companies is at it again, Last week we arrived on site at the Ft. Eustis Bowling Alley. The bathroom at this facility is being completely renovated to address some structural issues that have developed over the years. The professionals here at Atlas Master Companies developed the perfect solution that was expertly implemented by our […]

Ever Wonder What Team Atlas is Up To?

In the picture above, Team Altas is holding our weekly team meeting to brainstorm quality control and production issues, as well as scheduling for the coming week. Above is Team Atlas standing in front of our new Norfolk Corporate Office. Our new Corporate Office is 10,000 square feet and houses our warehouse that holds $100,000 […]

Signs That Your Foundation is About to Fail

Some of the physical signs of foundation stress are things like floors that are suddenly uneven, pictures beginning to hang askew where they used to hang straight. The soil density under many houses is not uniform, and therefore settles differently in different places, causing the foundation to have more stress and potential damage in some […]

Basement Waterproofing Success!

From: Dianne P. Sent: Monday, October 04, 2010 3:01 PM To: Joe Houske Subject: AMC Success in Hampton VA Dear AMC, The equipment you installed last year (November 2009), after a flood which caused damage to our home, proved successful during the tropical storm Nicole and her aftermath. Our basement remained dry. Although our area […]


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