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Drilling Holes in Slab for Slab Pier Installation


drilling holes for slab pier installation

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Cracked Concrete Floor in Virginia Beach Home Stabilized

Through the use of pier supports, a cracked concrete floor in Virginia Beach was stabilized by the professionals at Atlas Master Companies.

Contact us to learn more about all the services we offer in the Virginia Beach area.

slab piers for cracked floors

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Atlas Master Companies Addresses a Sinking Bathroom Floor Issue at Ft. Eustis

Atlas Master Companies is at it again,

Last week we arrived on site at the Ft. Eustis Bowling Alley. The bathroom at this facility is being completely renovated to address some structural issues that have developed over the years. The professionals here at Atlas Master Companies developed the perfect solution that was expertly implemented by our highly trained technicians. Atlas Master Companies has enjoyed our part in developing repairs for an MWR facility at one of Hampton Roads premier military bases.

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Signs That Your Foundation is About to Fail

foundation repairSome of the physical signs of foundation stress are things like floors that are suddenly uneven, pictures beginning to hang askew where they used to hang straight. The soil density under many houses is not uniform, and therefore settles differently in different places, causing the foundation to have more stress and potential damage in some areas.

Usually, if there is significant damage or potential for it, it will be visible in the frame and in the floors of the structure within the first 5 years if it is going to be caused by vertical stress (soil settling differently in different areas under the foundation). Damage after that is most often attributed to lateral or horizontal shifting.

Here are a couple ways to tell if a foundation is shifting vertically.

If your doors, windows, moldings, etc. no long longer meet properly, (both those inside and outside the house) you may have a problem. Another sign is cracks forming in the masonry (for instance the brickwork around the fireplace.)

Contact the foundation repair experts at Atlas Master Companies to learn more or to schedule your free estimate. We look forward to helping you restore your home’s stability and beauty.


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