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5 Key Elements To Help You Locate The Expert in Foundation Repair and Waterproofing Services

When water/moisture come in your crawl space or around your foundation walls, the time to take action is now. Ignoring the issues will only complicate cleanup and repairs. To do so, you need to find the best, the expert, foundation and waterproofing company in your area.  But how do you find that best company?  How do you find the Expert?

Searching for the right company can be an exercise in frustration.  Each competing company has a different method and each swears theirs is best.  Plus every company is handing out warranties, even those who are one step away from closing or just came in business a few years or even months ago. So who can you trust?

5 Elements to Help You Locate the Best Company

Years in Business     

Look for companies who’ve been around for 25+years.  Being in the business for 30 years we’ve seen competing companies come and go.  Longevity and stability are important characteristics in a company who promises to support you after they’ve completed their work. Don’t rely on what they say, or in their years of experience claimed, check for yourself.

Check Reviews

Investigate their reviews to hear the kinds of experiences customers have had.  Typically people who are vocal about their experiences tend to be vocal because they want to gripe.  Happy customers usually don’t take the time to write a compliment because their problems are gone and they go on with their life.  Some companies even hire review writing services that help them filter reviews or collect only glowing reviews.  Keep that in mind when looking at reviews.

Warranty Work

Every reputable company services what they sell. So ask about warranties offered but don’t be distracted by them.  Remember, mediocre companies use spectacular sounding warranties as a marketing ploy to make you think their products are better than the rest.  The best rule when buying products and services is to do your research and purchase a product as if it had no warranty.  Then you will shop quality versus warranties.  Also, this tactic will help you dig deeper into the products used and to ensure you hire truly the best company that installs the best product (a true apples to apples comparison).

Company Reputation with other Key Businesses

Any reputable company that has had longevity in their industry is recognized by other entities.  Look for a company that has local ties with key groups as well as within their industry.  Ask them to give you that information when they give you an estimate.  AMC911 is the only “10 On Your Side” expert for Foundation & Waterproofing Services 5 years running, and the“HRPro2Go” in the area.  In our industry, our materials vendor has recognized us as a top 10 performer for the past 8 years running.  This reputation matters.  Make sure who you choose has a strong reputation.

Customer References

A great way to find the Expert you need is to speak to their customers.  Any well-established business should be able to provide you with a list of people in your neighborhood who have used them in the past and/or whose projects are like the one you’re considering.

Take the time to do these 5 things and your chances of finding the true Expert will be a snap.  We’ve been in business for over a quarter century, have many online reviews, A+ rated with the BBB for over 16 years, service what we sell and can provide you with names of your neighbors who’ve used us to do the same work you need done.   When you start your search for the right company, we encourage you to give AMC911 a call.

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High Water and Foundation Damage

High water can come from the sky in the form of rain or from flooded bodies of water. The water can cause damage by rushing rapidly, knocking down trees, buildings, and more. The flowing debris can cause even more damage, destroying roads, eroding soils, and demolishing structures. Commercial and residential properties can both be ruined by high water. Even if the building is structurally sound after the flood, the water can pollute the area and promote the growth of mold and pest infestations.

high water floodwaters foundation repair

Water Damage to Your Building

When floodwaters enter the interior of your building, it quickly works on destroying the wood and metal that is exposed to the moisture. Even when the water recedes, wood, carpeting, and furniture can be waterlogged a long time after the basement appears to be dry. You will most likely need commercial-grade heaters, fans, and dehumidifiers to completely dry the environment.

Even if the water doesn’t enter your home or business, it can cause damage to your foundation. The pressure of the water and oversaturated soil can put a tremendous strain on the foundation walls. The hydrostatic pressure can cause the walls to crack, bow, or even collapse entirely.

Check Your Property

You need to check your home or business when it is safe. Don’t put yourself in danger to check the property. You should keep an eye out for downed power lines and structural damage. If it’s not safe, just wait until it is. The water is full of pollutants, bacteria, sewage, and debris. You can be injured or made ill due to things left by floodwaters.

If the area around your property is safe, you can look around for damage and warning signs. Make note of the building materials that are waterlogged, especially if they are load-bearing. Check for new cracks, gaps, and joints that are out of alignment. Look for bulging walls and sagging floors or ceilings. These are all signs of foundation damage and a professional will need to be called in to do the repairs.

It’s usually a good idea to have a professional check your property if floodwaters have infiltrated it. They will be able to determine if the property can be repaired or if it has to be demolished. Many city governments have rules mandating the course of action depending on the amount of damage. It is important that buildings are safe for occupants to be in. Hopefully, there is insurance to cover the costs or at least help.

If the structure can be repaired, you will also need to have it professionally cleaned. There’s no sense in performing repairs if the building is contaminated with bacteria from sewage water, dead animals, and other pollutants.

Foundation Repair Contractors

If you do decide that you need to have foundation repairs done on your property, be wary of fly-by-night contractors. A lot of shady operators will pop up, trying to make a buck off of victims of floods and other natural disasters. Atlas Master Companies has been in the area for decades and we make Virginia our home and many of you are our neighbors. We have a reputation for honesty and quality work. It may be tempting to go with the lowest cost, but you get what you pay for: shoddy materials, poor workmanship, inexperienced workers, worthless warranties, and more. There’s no sense in having work done on your home or business, if it’s just going to allow more problems, perhaps even worse than the original issue, to occur.

Don’t be pressured into making a decision on the spot. An honest contractor is going to give you an estimate in writing and allow you some time to go over it and think about it. the easiest way to avoid high-pressure salespeople is to not even invite them on to the property. Look for a contractor that has been in business for a while with authentic references and free estimates. Foundation repairs are important and the decision shouldn’t be made lightly, quickly, or under pressure. Contact Atlas Master Companies to learn more about choosing a reliable contractor.

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Hurricane Florence and Virginia


Fortunately, Hurricane Florence was not as bad as was predicted, but it still caused a lot of damage and loss to the area. Torrential rains, high winds, and even tornadoes have hit the East Coast. There has been a loss of possessions, structures, and life due to this storm.

tornado damage

Even though the Carolinas took the brunt of Florence, Virginia wasn’t completely spared. A deadly tornado hit the Richmond area which was caused by the weather that came along with the hurricane. The tornado damaged buildings, flipped cars, and knocked down power lines throughout Chesterfield County. A classification for the tornado hadn’t been assigned yet, but the National Weather Service called it a “a very dangerous situation” and it caused at least one death, when a commercial building collapsed.

Problems from Hurricanes

Although the largest portion of Hurricane Florence missed the Virginia region, the area hasn’t always been so lucky. This tornado on September 17th occurred 14 years to the day that Hurricane Ivan spawned 40 tornadoes in the state, breaking records for tornadoes in a single day and in a single year, according to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

In addition to tornadoes, hurricanes bring damaging winds and flooding rains. Normal weather can wreak havoc on a structure, imagine what tornadoes and hurricanes can do. Some issues that can occur include foundation damage, flooding, structural damage, and water issues.

After the storms have passed and it’s safe to walk around your property, make an inspection of the structure. Keep an eye out for downed power lines and avoid them at all costs. You survived the storm, don’t be a casualty to carelessness.

When inspecting the property check for any damage to the building including the roof, foundation, walls, and floors. If you see any signs of problems, contact the professionals at Atlas Master Companies as soon as possible. We’ll be able to let you know if the issue is something that needs to be addressed immediately, or if it can wait until things calm down. We can restore your building’s strength and stability.

Waterproofing Your Building

It’s obviously too late to waterproof your home or business for this storm, but you can be prepared for the next one with services from Atlas Master Companies. We will inspect your property and determine what kind of waterproofing services you need. There are a variety of solutions available, all of them playing a different role in protecting your commercial or residential property.

You may be in need of interior and exterior waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, surface water collection, French drain installation, or a sump pump and pit. It is important that you keep your property dry and free from water damage. Water in your building can soften and damage the structure, weakening it. It can also promote pest infestations and cause health issues related to mold and mildew growth.

If your home or business experienced flooding, you should have it professionally cleaned before using the building. Floodwaters are filthy and full of bacteria and other health hazards. Dead animals, overflowing sewage systems, and other contaminants are in the water, even if it looks clean. Floodwaters can cause a variety of serious illnesses, so it’s important to avoid exposure to the threat.

Stabilizing Your Structure

High winds and high water are a terrible combination when it comes to the stability of your home or business. The soil your building is on could be oversaturated and soft and the winds could be weakening or damaging your structure.

The foundation experts at Atlas Master Companies can determine if your foundation needs repair and, if so, what the best method would be. There are a variety of methods available including tiebacks, soil nails, steel piers, plate anchors, and helical piers, among other options.

It is important that you make sure your building is strong and secure, protecting your people and your investment. Make sure that the contractor that you use is trustworthy and reliable. Remember, cheapest isn’t always the best choice, especially when you think about how much your building is worth.

Repairing Your Concrete

High water and torrential rains may have caused the concrete surfaces around your property to sink, settle, or crack. An uneven slab can cause a tripping hazard or cause drainage or structural issues, so it’s important to have the concrete repaired.

In the past, people would just tear up the old concrete and start over, but there is a more efficient and effective option that is becoming more popular. Atlas Master Companies uses the method of polyfoam slab jacking to repair concrete.

If the earth under the slab has eroded and created voids or washed away, the concrete can sink or crack. The polyurethane foam will expand under the slab, filling the empty areas and compressing the soil, giving the slab a strong foundation to rest on. The foam is water-resistant so it will seal the bottom of the slab and it won’t wash away like the slurry from mudjacking can.

Another option is the installation of a concrete slab push pier system. These can be used when the soil under the slab is just too weak to support the concrete. Our experts can determine the best method to restore your concrete slab.

Protect Yourself and Others

We know that there is a lot going on when bad weather hits, so we encourage you to be proactive and make sure your home or business is ready to weather the storm. Contact us today to learn more about making sure your property is strong, stable, and safe.

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Flooding in Virginia

Virginia floodingThe summer of 2018 is turning out to be a wet one for the East Coast, including the Virginia area. Flood warnings and torrential downpours have worn out their welcome, ruining a lot of outdoor plans. Even if your property wasn’t flooded, high rain levels can damage your structure’s foundation.

Flooded Basements in Virginia

Although it may be too late to protect your property from the past storms, it’s never too late to be ready for the next one. You should make sure your property is waterproofed and ready for downpours and flooding.

You don’t want to do your waterproofing project yourself or leave it to a fly-by-night operation. Waterproofing is a serious business and if it isn’t done right, you could lose your belongings and possibly your home or business. Make sure that you hire a reputable company with the tools and expertise to make sure that your basement or crawl space is protected from Mother Nature’s watery wrath. They should offer free, no-obligation inspections and estimates, so you know what you are dealing with before the project starts.

A waterlogged basement can ruin furniture, carpeting, and any other belongings you may have there. In addition, water can ruin electrical devices, wiring, and wood structures. Excess water also promotes pest infestations and mold growth, both of which can damage your home or business and negatively impact your health. In addition, flood water can be contaminated with disease, chemicals, and other contaminants. Waterproofing your home or business can keep your structure clean, dry, and safe for years to come.

Which Waterproofing Solution is Right for You?

mold in a wet basement in SpringfieldWhen looking at a waterproofing company, make sure that they are experienced and reliable. A company like Atlas Masters Companies has been in business for years and use tools and equipment from Earth Contact Products, the leading manufacturer in the industry. They have been serving the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area with the best waterproofing services in the area for decades.

There are several ways to tackle a waterproofing problem. A reputable waterproofing contractor will inspect your property and let you know the best way to keep your home or business safe and dry.

Interior Waterproofing 

Interior waterproofing is easy to maintain for the property owner and will help move water out of your interior and away from your building. Interior waterproofing usually consists of a perforated drain pipe that is connected to a sump pump system. The water drains to the sump pit and the pump sends it out of the basement and away from your home or business.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

If you have a crawl space, another option is encapsulation. The vapor barrier that a professional waterproofer uses is thicker than the vinyl sheeting you can get at a DIY store. The encapsulation will protect the crawl space from moisture, radon, mold, and pest infestations. By encapsulating your crawl space, you will have a clean storage area that will protect your structure, make a healthier environment, and also lower your energy costs.

Sump Pumps

You can buy a sump pump at most hardware or DIY stores, but they are probably not going to do the job you need them to do. An expert will be able to determine the size of pump that you need to keep the basement area dry. Atlas Master Companies strongly suggests that you invest in a battery backup system. The battery backup pump will kick in if the power goes out or your main pump fails for any reason. Since most downpours are during thunderstorms, the chances of your power going out when you need it most are pretty high. A little proactive know will save you a lot of headaches, time, and money later.

Crack Injection Repair

Sometimes the only reason you have water in your basement is that you have some cracks in the foundation. These cracks aren’t anything that makes your home or business structurally unsound, but they can let water in. An epoxy crack injection can fill in the crack in the concrete, making the cracks even stronger than the concrete wall. The epoxy injection can fill even the smallest crack, keeping your basement dry.

Exterior Waterproofing

If you are having a lot of problems with water in your home or business, exterior waterproofing may be the right solution for your property. Exterior waterproofing stops water from collecting around the foundation, keeping it from entering the structure. An exterior waterproofing system will protect your basement from mold growth, structural damage, property damage, and pest infestations.

Waterproof Your Virginia Home and Business

Make sure that your Virginia property is safe and dry with professional waterproofing solutions. Don’t allow water to ruin your belongings, damage your health, or destroy your building. Make sure to contact a professional waterproofing company like Atlas Master Companies. Let us show you for free how to protect your property from flooding, damp and humid areas, and other water issues in Virginia.


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The SMART VENT Flood Vent System

Why Atlas Master Companies Recommends the SMART VENT

Atlas Master Companies recommends SMART VENT flood vents for their customers, especially those located in a floodplain. The door on the vent is latched until flood waters enter. If the vent senses flood water, it lifts the internal floats. By doing this, the vent unlatches and opens the door. This will allow water and debris to escape. This will equalize the pressure on either side of the wall, effectively protecting your foundation and home.

Flood Vents vs Air Vents

Flood vents are different than an air vent. Air vents can clog with debris and have not been tested in the case of flooding. You don’t want to be stuck with just air vent if you live in a floodplain. You really need SMART VENT to ensure you are protected. The SMART VENT is certified by the Inter-Code Council and is also FEMA and NFIP compliant. In fact, SMART VENT is the only FEMA-Accepted and ICC-ES Certified flood vent available in the marketplace today. Don’t accept any substitute, have only the best flood vents installed in your home or business by the best installers in the area, Atlas Master Companies.

The Advantages of the SMART VENT

Smart VentWhat is the advantage of SMART VENT over other flood vents? You won’t find more advanced protection for your home from flooding anywhere else. Since SMART VENT means fewer holes in your home or business, you can keep your home looking beautiful while you provide the best possible protection from flooding. They can help with flood insurance premiums as well, so if you install SMART VENT, check with your NFIP Flood Insurance Agent. Another great thing about SMART VENT is that they are made in the USA! There are several different models available in a variety of sizes and configurations. We can install in any commercial or residential scenario. We have sizes ranging from 16-in. x 8-in. and 14.5-in. x 8.5-in, both of which are certified to cover 200 square feet per vent. There is a 16-in. x 16-in. to cover 400 square feet per vent, and 32-in. x 16-in. certified to cover 800 square feet per configuration. There are even some custom options available so call us for more information.

SMART VENT is only installed by qualified installers. In Virginia, that means Atlas Master Companies. We are trained and qualified to install SMART VENT flood vents in your residential or commercial property. To learn more about the benefits of SMART VENT and our flood vent services, please don’t hesitate to call Atlas Master Companies today.

Protect Your Virginia Home

Flood vents or foundation and crawl space vents can prevent some pretty ugly things from happening to your crawl space or foundation. Moisture in your crawl space or around your foundation can mean rot, mold, mildew, spores, insects, termites, or even rodents. If you have a crawl space, there is a good chance that the moisture in your home is entering through that crawl space. It can make your house smell musty, and might even be bad to breathe. Flood vents allow fresh air to circulate through your home. It also exhausts that musty air outside and away from your home.

Atlas Master Companies can help you assess your residential or commercial property to see how flood vent solutions can help benefit your home. You can help protect your crawl space and foundation from excessive moisture, heat, and flooding with the high-quality venting products from Atlas Master Companies. We make sure that our flood and foundation vents meet all local ventilation code requirements. Save yourself from a lot of potential damage, and promote a healthy foundation with flood vents from Atlas Master Companies. We have many options, and flood vents can help with the overall health of your foundation or crawl space. For more information please don’t hesitate to call the flood vent experts in Virginia, Atlas Master Companies.

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Fix Basement Leaks Immediately with Crack Injection Repair

Are you wondering how to fix a leaky basement wall with crack injection repair? If you have water leaking into your basement through cracks in your foundation, it’s important to get those cracks sealed up and repaired before the damage gets worse. Water intrusion will only make your foundation cracks larger over time, and can cause major damage to the structure of your home.

How Serious Are Your Foundation Cracks?

cracks in foundationCracks big enough to allow water in easily form. Some foundation cracks are harmless and just happen over time as your home settles. Vertical cracks are sealed with an epoxy or also another type of injection. However, if you have larger, horizontal cracks in your foundation or also basement walls, these indicate serious structural issues and cannot be solved by any type of sealant. These types of cracks need addressed by a structural engineer, and a more permanent solution also needs put in place.

Sealing Basement Cracks with Epoxy & Polyurethane

If your Virginia home is suffering from basement leaks, Atlas Master Companies offers ECP Epoxy and Polyurethane Injection Resins to permanently seal cracks and prevent water from entering your home. These systems fill cracks in your foundation before they widen and expand.

Epoxy injections are used to mend concrete cracks and also restore the structural integrity of the wall or slab. Polyurethane foam injections work great for larger cracks or also voids around pipe penetrations.

Benefits of Crack Injection Repair

Epoxy injections restore the integrity of the foundation by sealing cracks as small as .005″. One important feature of the ECP polyurethane resins is the flexibility which allows it to move with the wall as the soil expands and contracts.

crack repairSome of the major benefits you experience from crack injection repair include:

  1. Totally eliminates water and air leaks
  2. Applied from the inside
  3. Permanent repair solution
  4. A flexible resin that allows the soil to expand and contract
  5. Fills voids around pipes and also other penetrations
  6. Restores structural integrity
  7. Meets ASTM C881 standards

Contact Atlas Master Companies for your Waterproofing Needs

Our crack injection repairs are durable, commercial grade products that are reliable and also economical. It hardens in seconds after the application process to keep the seal intact. For all of your waterproofing needs, contact Atlas Master Companies today. We provide free estimates for crack injection repairs in Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Norfolk, and also surrounding areas. We’ll keep water from entering your basement. Call us today to start with your free estimate.

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Waterproofing Job

basement waterproofingJuly 27, 2012

Atlas Master Companies did a waterproofing job for us and did a fabulous job! The employees were very polite, kept me informed of the work that was taking place, kept the area very neat and cleaned up after the job was completed. The guys never stopped working except for a lunch break.

My husband went under the floor and was very impressed with the work. You can use us as a reference anytime!

Mr. & Mrs. Allen
Chesapeake, VA


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