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Foundation Repair in Hampton Roads, VA

At Atlas Master Companies, we know how to eliminate the effects of water damage by offering waterproofing systems. If you have foundation failure due to excess moisture, we provide foundation repair solutions in Hampton Roads, VA.

If you notice a small crack in your foundation, don’t be alarmed. Not every crack is structurally significant. Some cracks can be quickly repaired with our crack injection method. However, some wall cracks that are present with other foundation issues can indicate structural damages. Look around the perimeter of your home for settling, dropping, or sinking in the foundation.

The walls must be supported and stabilized to prevent further movements and shifting. At Atlas Master Companies we provide quality foundation solutions to stabilize your foundation.

At Atlas Master Companies, our foundation products are covered under warranty. They are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer in today’s industry. Our skilled team is trained to provide the best foundation services for customers both commercial and residential.

Waterproofing in Hampton Roads, VA

Atlas Master Companies offers ECP waterproofing services for homes that need sump pumps, crack injections, interior/exterior drainage systems, and crawl space encapsulation. We also provide surface drainage/water collection systems.

Surface Drainage and Water Collection – This type of system provides stormwater management solutions. The product line includes convention drains, catch basins and grates, and trench /channels drains.

Flood Vents in Hampton Roads, VA

Do you live in a flood zone? We offer the best solution to eliminate flooding water. It is called Smart Vent. Smart Vent is the latest technology to prevent flooding water in your basement. After it senses flood water, it unlatches the vent and opens the vent door. This type of system offers many advantages over air vents. It is durable and rodents and pests can’t enter. The installation process requires digging only a few holes. Our fully trained installers only install our Smart Vents. Contact us today if you need a Smart Vent for your home.

Why Choose Our Company

Atlas Master Companies is proud to serve Hampton Roads, VA. We perform a multitude of services. We offer quality foundation repair and basement waterproofing. We also level concrete for sidewalks, patios, and porches. If you need chimney or fireplace repair, we offer masonry work for residential and commercial projects. We can handle any type of job. No project is too big or small. Contact us today for a free inspection or estimate.

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