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Foundation Repair in Shirlington, VA

For homeowners in Shirlington, VA, it is very important to have any foundation issues repaired as soon as possible in order to keep your home safe and dry year round. Our team at Atlas Master Companies will inspect your basement and foundation and come up with the best solution for your needs and budget.

Water seepage can ruin your furniture, rust your metal appliances, and destroy your carpet or drywall. If you notice signs of water damage, you need to get the root problem taken care of as soon as you can. Prolonging repairs will only drive up the damage and cost.

Foundation repair is a big undertaking, and definitely not a do it yourself project. You need to have the correct skills, knowledge, and high-quality equipment in order to get the job done right. That’s why Atlas Master Companies offers residents of Shirlington, VA a team of highly trained and experienced experts to repair your foundation. Our team can inspect and repair your foundation with the latest underpinning products from the leading manufacturer, Earth Contact Products (ECP).

Basement Waterproofing in Shirlington, VA

Have you ever noticed leaking or flooding in your basement, especially when it’s raining? Contact Atlas Master Companies today. We can install a professional waterproofing system for your home. We offer the latest technology on the market so that you can have peace of mind about your home.

Don’t let your wet basement give you trouble any longer. Call Atlas Master Companies today, and we will give you a free estimate and inspection. We are glad to help!

Other Services We Offer in Shirlington, VA

Atlas Master Companies provides residents of Shirlington, VA with incredible services in several different categories. Not only do we offer foundation repair and basement waterproofing, but we also are experts in concrete repair, flood vents, and masonry.

Concrete Repair

It costs a lot of money to replace a concrete slab, so having it repaired is definitely a quicker, easier, and more cost-effective option. The team at Atlas Master Companies can repair your concrete and restore it back to its original state.

Flood Vents

Smart Vent Flood Vents are designed to keep your home from flooding. They are able to detect when high water levels are present, and they operate to collect the water and drain it away from your home. We highly recommend this product to all of our Shirlington customers, especially those who are living near a flood zone.

Masonry Repair

Let the team at Atlas Master Companies be your masonry specialist in Shirlington, VA. Our masonry work is beautiful and our quality is unmatched. We have experience with fireplaces, brick walls, patios, and more.

For more information about our professional masonry services, click here.

Why Choose Our Company

Our company takes pride in our professional work and quality service. We have a team of contractors that are highly trained as well as very experienced in all of the services that we offer, including waterproofing, concrete leveling, foundation repair, and more! Our goal is your complete satisfaction, so we gladly offer you a free estimate and inspection for any service that you need. We look forward to receiving your call.

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