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Foundation Repairs in Salem, VA

Salem cracked wallIt is important for every homeowner in Salem, VA to be aware of the signs of foundation settlement. If you are wondering if your foundation needs to be repaired, look for the following signs:

Foundation damage can be extremely detrimental to the structure of your home, and it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid more costly repairs in the future. At Atlas Master Companies, we have highly trained and skilled professionals that will provide you with top quality foundation repair service. All of the equipment that we use comes from the leading manufacturer of foundation repair products, Earth Contact Products (ECP).

Contact the experts at Atlas Master Companies today if your Salem, VA home is in need of foundation repair. We would be happy to give you a free inspection and estimate for your home and find the best solution for your foundation repair needs. We can assure you with the best technology, equipment, and skill to keep your home safe and stable for many years!

Waterproofing in Salem, VA

Your Salem, VA home can be prone to water damage during heavy rainfall in the spring, and it is important to keep your basement and home safe from the destruction that water seepage can bring. Our professional team of experts at Atlas Master Companies can provide you with an incredible waterproofing system that will keep your home safe and dry during the rainy seasons. We offer several types of waterproofing, including:

Atlas Master Companies also installs Smart Vent flood vents for customers located in the floodplain. The door on the vent is latched until water enters and if the vent senses flood water, it lifts the internal floats. This unlatches and opens the door allowing water and debris to escape. This will protect your foundation and home.

Concrete Leveling and Repair in Salem, VA

custom fireplace Salem

Concrete cracking and unevenness are very common in the Salem, VA area. If you have noticed shifting or sinking on your porch, garage floor, or any other concrete on your property, don’t hesitate to call Atlas Master Companies today. We can provide you with the best concrete leveling service in Virginia.

We use a method called polyjacking to lift your foundation back to stability. Polyurethane foam is injected through a small hole drilled into the damaged area and expands 20 times its liquid volume to fill every crack and crevice present in the concrete.

Contact Atlas Master Companies today for any needs you may have concerning foundation repair, waterproofing, or concrete leveling. We also provide a large selection of masonry services. We are happy to help you keep your Salem, VA home dry, safe, and structurally sound for a lifetime!

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