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Waterproofing Job

basement waterproofingJuly 27, 2012

Atlas Master Companies did a waterproofing job for us and did a fabulous job! The employees were very polite, kept me informed of the work that was taking place, kept the area very neat and cleaned up after the job was completed. The guys never stopped working except for a lunch break.

My husband went under the floor and was very impressed with the work. You can use us as a reference anytime!

Mr. & Mrs. Allen
Chesapeake, VA

Basement Waterproofing Success!

From: Dianne P.
Sent: Monday, October 04, 2010 3:01 PM
To: Joe Houske
Subject: AMC Success in Hampton VA

basement drainageDear AMC,
The equipment you installed last year (November 2009), after a flood which caused damage to our home, proved successful during the tropical storm Nicole and her aftermath.

Our basement remained dry. Although our area experienced heavy rain and flooding I did not think we were experiencing any problems from the storm as I did not hear your equipment turning on, off, or running. The morning after the storm, while my husband was walking our dog, he noticed water being pumped from under our house per your design.

My husband and I want you to know how very pleased we are with your technology and the results we experienced. Thank you!

Dianne P,
Hampton, VA

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